Newsletter 1 – 29 March 2017

Thank you for registering your interest in Brockham Oil Watch.  This is our first update to the group – the good news is that 45 people have signed up so far to receive updates.

As you know Brockham Oil Watch was formed by a group of concerned local residents to find out the facts about the future of the Brockham Oil Well in particular, but also the wider implications for industrial development across the Weald.

We have produced an information leaflet which we are endeavouring to post through the door of every resident in the village.  Hopefully you will have received yours by now, but if not it is attached to this email.

The major event recently is the BBC news item on 9th March which said that Surrey County Council had complained that Angus had drilled a sidetrack against the specific advice of the council who said that no permission for such drilling existed.  Angus have stated that they believe they did have permission for the side-track.

We understand from an email sent by Helyn Clack, County Councilor for Dorking Rural, that SCC are seeking legal advice on this matter and that the Chairman of the Planning and Regulatory committee is writing to Government for assurance that their regulations are supporting the Council’s planning policies. We are waiting for SCC to make a further statement.

You may also have seen on the web site that we’re hosting ‘All About Oil’ on Easter Sunday April 16th, 2-5pm at the Brockham Village Hall.

It’s a chance to find out more about issues raised on our website and the wider picture of oil production in this age of ‘tight oil’, notably:

  • The controversies surrounding oil exploration at Brockham
  • What’s happening at Leith Hill
  • The changing face of oil production in the Weald, including acidisation
  • Other nearby sites such as Horse Hill near Crawley, Albury, Godstone
  • The way forward

There will be knowledgeable speakers, stalls, activities and videos, and entry is free.

We’ll hear from:

  • Jonathan Essex (County and Borough Councillor for Redhill East)
  • Kathryn McWhirter (No Fracking Balcombe Society)
  • Neil Pitcairn (Greenpeace)
  • Rob Basto (Transition Redhill)
  • Clayton Wellman & Claire Malcomson (Councillors for Holmwoods)
  • Pat Smith (Brockham Oil Watch) and others…

If you would like to contact someone to express your concerns then we would advise that you contact your local councilor ( )

We will send out updates to you as and when there are significant developments.  Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts at

Brockham Oil Watch