Felton’s Farm – Planning Application SCC Ref 2017/0089 / MO/2017/0916

Angus Energy recently put in a new planning application – MO/2017/0916 (https://planning.surreycc.gov.uk/planappdisp.aspx…). It’s a retrospective application for changes to the buildings, storage and fencing that was updated last year without getting the prior approval of the Surrey County Council, as required by a condition of an earlier planning permission (MO/2006/1294).

This application is separate from any retrospective application for drilling of a side-track, and that has not at this stage been submitted. The dispute over side-track drilling remains unresolved. According to Surrey County Council drilling was unauthorised, whilst Angus Energy maintain they had all the required permits and approvals. SCC said they’re awaiting legal opinion on this matter before taking formal action.

The reason we are concerned about expansion of operations at Brockham is because the operator, Angus Energy, are targeting the Kimmeridge tight oil for production. This will likely require the use of acidisation – fracking-like technology that involves injecting acids and chemicals underground. Our position is that there should be a moratorium until all risks have been identified and regulation is in place.

To comment on the recent planning application, please email
mwcd@surreycc.gov.uk quoting SCC Ref 2017/0089 / MO/2017/0916. Please remember to provide your full postal address.


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