Proposals to reinject waste fluid from across the Weald Basin at Brockham – Q&A for EA consultation

As you may have heard, the lull of activity at Brockham Oil Well may soon be coming to an end. Angus Energy have applied to use the site to dispose of waste fluids from hydrocarbon extraction at Brockham and other oil & gas fields in the Weald Basin. Reinjection of waste fluids at Brockham has been prohibited because of concerns over risk to groundwater (see our earlier background post here). As a rural community with a water table that feeds fields, streams and rivers on which we all depend, this is hugely important. We are worried about these proposals and we think you should be as well! Here are some Q&A to help you understand the issues to raise in your response to the Environment Agency’s public consultation.

You can respond to the consultation here:

If you have questions, please include them in your response to the public consultation for the EA to take into account. If you think we can help with your question, email  

Q1: Which issues should I raise in my consultation response? (more detail on p. 2)

  1. Risk of groundwater pollution
  2. Reinjection of fluids can cause earthquakes 
  3. Why should Brockham become a waste disposal site for the benefit of a private company?
  4. The risk is too great justify declining production from an already depleted reservoir
  5. Angus Energy’s record of brazen non-compliance & questionable competence (see below pt. 2 & 3 in Q2)

Q2. Why should I respond to this consultation if the Environment Agency is reviewing the proposals? (more detail on p.3)

  1. Weak regulations and monitoring means public scrutiny and pressure is needed
  2. Angus Energy’s record of brazen non-compliance 
  3. Angus Energy’s record of questionable competence, including specifically around reinjection

Click on page 2 & 3 for more detail on each point.

11 thoughts on “Proposals to reinject waste fluid from across the Weald Basin at Brockham – Q&A for EA consultation

  1. Serious risk of Ground Water Pollution and co-existent surface water courses
    Existing regulations are implemented by Civil Servants who are NOT educated in this function . They rely on “experts” who similarly are employed to support the current “trend”

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  2. We have to stop polluting our beautiful country if we don’t nothing will be left for our children and hundreds of years of a poisoned unlivable land we have to treat our land and earth with more respect.

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  3. Considering this current governments commitment to green issues, I do not understand how companies such as Angus can be allowed or even considered permission for this type of contamination to be allowed and further poison our environment.


  4. Why do we have to fight one battle after another to keep our surroundings safe! It’s absolutely appalling that in this day with all the environmental issues, that it is even being considered and allowed to introduce waste systems that are damaging to our health, we will never be safe with with a government which allows such harmful waste processing to happen. How on earth can we be expected to bring up healthy children in an environment where things like this are allowed to happen 😡

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