Newdigate Earthquakes & Horse Hill News

Ongoing – Drill Or Drop? 

Surrey swarm – Earthquake tracking post

5 September 2019 – Dorking Advertiser


8 August 2019 – Dorking Advertiser


28 July 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Earth tremors continue around Surrey village as researchers discount link to oil sites

8 July 2019 – BBC future

The mystery of unexplained earthquakes

We took a bit of an issue with the fact that some of the data the ‘earthquake detectives’ rely on comes straight from the suspects…

21 June 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

“Gatwick Gusher” breached safety laws over blowout preventer

7 June 2019 – Drill Or Drop? 

Surrey earthquakes unlikely to be caused by oil activity, say researchers

6 June 2019 – BBC Radio 4, Inside Science 


30 May 2019 – Dorking Advertiser, Surrey MirrorIMG_5797.jpg

22 May 2019 – Drill Or Drop? 

Council seeks new comments on Horse Hill oil production plans

16 May 2019 – Dorking Advertiser 


10 May 2019 – Drill Or Drop? 

Latest earth tremor prompts call for release of data on oil operations

15 April 2019 – BBC News 

Surrey earthquakes: Is oil drilling causing tremors?

2 April 2019 – Drill Or Drop? 

Fracking earthquake rules should be extended to other onshore oil and gas operations, MPs told

5 March 2019 – SurreyLive

Experts clash on link between Surrey earthquakes and oil exploration work

2 March 2019 – Drill Or Drop? 

Surrey MP calls for government investigation into earthquake link to oil exploration

27 February 2019 – Drill Or Drop? 

Update: Record-level earthquake in Newdigate, Surrey – calls for reopening of inquiry into links to oil industry

14 February 2019 – Drill Or Drop? 

Geologists link Surrey earthquakes to oil site as new tremor felt in the area

22 November 2018 – Drill Or Drop? 

Surrey earthquakes: no link to oil and gas sites, says report, but one expert disagrees

23 August 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Council leader says Surrey earthquake link to oil operations cannot be “completely ruled out”

22 August 2018 – Surrey Live

Council joins calls asking for more clarity on potential earthquake and drilling links

17 August 2018 – Ecologist


16 August 2018 – Drill Or Drop? 

Geologists challenge oil companies’ comments on Surrey earthquakes

6 August 2018 – Independent 

Surrey earthquakes: Scientists call for oil drilling ban as mysterious tremors continue to strike region

6 August 2018 – The Times 

Call for oil drilling ban to investigate Surrey earthquake links

6 August 2018 – SurreyLive

‘Risk of accidents, explosions and earthquakes’ among objections to Brockham oil well application

6 August 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Oil exploration should halt immediately in Surrey earthquake zone – geologists

18 July 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Two more Surrey earthquakes – second oil company says it’s not to blame

5 July 2018 – BBC News 

Seventh tremor strikes in Surrey ‘quake swarm’

5 July 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Residents demand investigation as 7th Surrey earthquake shakes area between oil sites