23 May 2022 – Drill Or Drop?

Brockham oil production resumes and water reinjection begins

27 April 2022 – Drill Or Drop?

Breaking: Brockham oil production plans approved

10 March 2022 – Drill Or Drop?

Go ahead for waste reinjection at Angus Energy’s Brockham oil site

14 April 2021 – Drill Or Drop?

Study calls for new fracking definition to close regulatory loopholes

1 April 2021 – Drill Or Drop?

‘No planning consent for importing waste water to Angus Energy’s Brockham oil site’, council confirms

6 October 2020 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus to quit Brockham if water reinjection not permitted

4 May 2020 – Drill Or Drop?

Minister dismisses call to extend fracking moratorium

24 February 2020 – Drill Or Drop?

600+ sign letter calling on new ministers to extend fracking moratorium

29 January 2020 – Drill Or Drop?

Government statement confirms fracking is still allowed under moratorium – campaigners

20 January 2020 – RT UK

17 January 2020 – The Guardian 

Activists warn of ‘fracking by stealth’ and call for acid fracking ban

12 December 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Guest post: What’s the fracking problem with the moratorium?

3 November 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Call for fracking halt to be extended to acid stimulation in oil and gas industry

25 October 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus takes out £1.5m loan to pay for clean-up costs

19 October 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Interview: Angus oil man backs gas for the future

26 July 2019 – Private Eye 


18 July 2019 – Dorking Advertiser 

Dorking Ad 18 July.jpg

16 July 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Jonathan Tidswell-Pretorius resigns as Angus Energy director

11 July 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus conference call: “restrictions on water reinjection limiting UK onshore oil and gas”

11 July 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus conference call: “Kimmeridge oil not mature at Brockham”

28 June 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus looks to sell Brockham after sidetrack found “uncommercial” without fracking

3 April 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus Energy gives details of work to find Brockham water zone

21 March 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

New questions as oil company rules out acid injection in Weald wells

4 February 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus finds water at Brockham oil well and plans more work

30 January 2019 – The Times 

Boardroom coup at Angus Energy gives Lord Lucan control

29 January 2019 – Financial Times 

Lord Lucan’s son to lead Angus Energy

29 January 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Lucan ousts Vonk in power struggle at Angus Energy

January 2019 – Private Eye


11 January 2019 – The Times 

Lucan’s son embroiled in oil firm boardroom coup

10 January 2019 – Morningstar 

Angus Energy Shareholders Look To Oust Managing Director Vonk

10 January 2019 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus: Power struggle, new loan and updates on Balcombe and Brockham

20 December 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus gets permit approval for appraisal but not production

19 December 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus begins Brockham test programme amid local questions over consent

14 December 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus and IGas protest injunctions renewed at High Court

29 November 2018 – Environment Agency 

Environment Agency issues Brockham oil site permits

27 November 2018 – SurreyLive

‘Strict requirements’ imposed on Brockham oil drilling company by Environment Agency ‘prevent unacceptable landscape risks’

26 November 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus faces new controls over gas, acid and reinjection at Brockham oil site

10 November 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Weekend Long Read: Campaigners call for tougher rules on acid use at Weald oil sites

25 October 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Residents call for block on “controversial” new oil extraction at Surrey site

23 October 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Leading Surrey councillor lists challenges of working with Weald oil companies

11 October 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Villagers seek funds for monitoring at Brockham oil site

9 October 2018 – SurreyLive

Campaigners attend High Court to challenge injunction against protesting at Brockham oil drilling site

15 September 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Updated: Angus Energy granted injunction over Balcombe and Brockham oil sites

23 August 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Council leader says Surrey earthquake link to oil operations cannot be “completely ruled out”

22 August 2018 – SurreyLive

Council joins calls asking for more clarity on potential earthquake and drilling links

17 August 2018 – The Ecologist

Earthquakes raise concerns as commercial fracking moves closer

9 August 2018 – BBC News

Surrey councillors approve secondary oil wellbore at Brockham

8 August 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Surrey campaigners shocked by approval of disputed Brockham oil well

8 August 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Breaking: Angus Energy application on disputed Brockham oil well approved – live news updates

6 August 2018 – The Independent 

Surrey earthquakes: Scientists call for oil drilling ban as mysterious tremors continue to strike region

6 August 2018 – The Times 

Call for oil drilling ban to investigate Surrey earthquake links

6 August 2018 – SurreyLive

‘Risk of accidents, explosions and earthquakes’ among objections to Brockham oil well application

6 August 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Oil exploration should halt immediately in Surrey earthquake zone – geologists

18 July 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Two more Surrey earthquakes – second oil company says it’s not to blame

6 July 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus Energy chairman resigns over shares transfer

5 July 2018 – BBC News 

Seventh tremor strikes in Surrey ‘quake swarm’

5 July 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Residents demand investigation as 7th Surrey earthquake shakes area between oil sites

4 July 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus confirms chairman transferred shares to company headed by 20-year-old Hungarian

3 July 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus announces shares investigation and oil test results

14 June 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Residents uncover regulatory loophole at Surrey oil site

17 May 2018 – getSURREY

Brockham oil well application contradicts firm’s press release, says councillor

8th May 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus Energy complaint against BBC over disputed oil well dismissed by watchdog

3 May 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Councillors oppose two oil applications in Surrey’s greenbelt

20 March 2018 – Private Eye


14 March 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Disputed Brockham sidetrack well highlights “discrepancies” over oil and gas rules – Surrey planner

7 March 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus Energy focuses on production with release of accounts and Brockham plans

12 February 2018 – Drill Or Drop?

The acid debate – what the Environment Agency says about acidising oil and gas wells and how campaigners respond

8 November 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

Official criticism of Angus Energy’s drilling and management at Brockham oil site

25 October 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

Updated: Angus Energy to apply for planning consent for disputed Brockham oil well

23 October 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

Council confirms Angus oil production scheme at Brockham does not have planning permission

23 October 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus announces go-ahead for oil production at disputed Brockham side-track

13 September 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus accused of betraying trust and misleading councillors over Brockham oil site

13 September – Drill Or Drop?

What Surrey County Council told the OGA about the Brockham sidetrack

25 August 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

Council lawyers back planners in dispute over Angus Energy’s Brockham well

24 August 2017 – Nature 

26 June 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

Angus applies for retrospective permission for Brockham well site – but not for drilling

24 June 2017 – The Argus 

Saturday Review: Do we really want to see oil fields in rural Sussex?  (Whilst not directly discussing Brockham or Surrey, the issue explained in this comment piece so clearly is the very issue our community is facing)

7 June 2017spinwatch

New documents suggest Angus Energy ‘breached planning’ conditions in Brockham

11 May 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

No resolution to dispute over Brockham oil well as Angus announces production plans

2 May 2017 – New Statesman

A blackness beneath the village green

7 April 2017spinwatch

London Stock Exchange asked to investigate oil company over Surrey well

29 March 2017 – Drill Or Drop?

“Council gave us no formal notice of planning breach at Brockham well” – Angus Energy

28 March 2017 – DrillOrDrop? 

Brockham oil site breached permit condition, document reveals

26 March 2017 – Eagle Radio 

Fear and confusion over oil drilling in Surrey greenbelt

24 March 2017 – Private Eye


21 March 2017 – BBC South

20 March 2017 – DrillOrDrop? 

Charges dropped against five Brockham oil protesters

20 March 2017 – The Independent 

Energy firm accused of drilling for oil beneath greenbelt land without planning permission

20 March 2017 – The Times (Registration required)

Oil firm drills in Surrey ‘without permit’

20 March 2017 – Surrey Mirror 

Brockham Oil Well: Surrey County Council says company has ‘acted without planning permission’ as charges against five protesters dropped

16 March 2017 – DrillOrDrop?

Council twice told Angus Energy it didn’t have permission for Brockham oil well – documents reveal

9 March 2017 – BBC London 

9 March 2017 – DrillOrDrop?

Council “extremely disappointed over Brockham well drilled without permission”

3 March 2017 – DrillOrDrop?

Brockham ready to produce oil by summer and could be better than Horse Hill, says Angus

2 February – DrillOrDrop?

Brockham could open up oil exploration in the Weald – Lenigas

27 January 2017 – DrillOrDrop?

Brockham update: Rig down, potential reservoirs announced and the reason for 24-hour working

12 January – BBC News, Surrey 

Protest police accused of ‘scare tactics’ at Brockham and Leith Hill

9 January 2017 – Surrey Mirror 

Anti-oil drilling protester arrested for ‘chaining’ himself to truck in Brockham

15 December 2016 – DrillOrDrop?

What’s happening at Brockham oil site in Surrey?