Brockham Oil Watch is a non-political group of local residents concerned about the threat of unconventional hydrocarbon extraction from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (or other unconventional reservoirs) at Brockham and beyond, as well as gaps in the current legislative/regulatory framework.

Following the government’s announcement on 2 November to put a partial moratorium on fracking, we launched an open letter to Government based on the recommendations of our legal briefing  Acid Stimulation: Fracking by Stealth, which is co-authored by Brockham Oil Watch and Harrison Grant Solicitors, with scientific advice from David K. Smythe, Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, University of Glasgow.

We are asking the next Government for 1) an amendment of the definition of fracking in the Infrastructure Act 2015 to include all well stimulation treatments which may enhance the productivity of oil and gas wells by increasing the permeability of the target rock, and 2) a permanent ban on all well stimulation for oil and gas exploration and production.

The letter will be sent to the new Government, along with a full list of signatories, when the relevant heads of departments are confirmed.

Until then, we are inviting signatures. Since the launch over 500 individuals and groups have signed our letter including academics, parliamentary candidates and political groupings, councillors, NGOs, health professionals, environmental professionals and organisations, anti-fracking groups and other campaign groups. Signatories include Jeremy Leggett, George Monbiot, Vivienne Westwood, Joe Corré, Professors David Smythe, Stuart Haszeldine, Anthony Ingraffea, Robert Howarth and Denis Hall; Caroline Lucas, Jenny Jones, Jonathan Bartlett, Alan Simpson and many more.

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