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Brockham Oil Watch is a group of local residents who are concerned about the threat of unconventional oil extraction at the Brockham site as well as across the UK Weald Basin.


The working site Dec 16 – Feb 17. Can you spot the original nodding donkeys?

Your Questions Answered

Why did we form a group?  Because we feel that people need to know more.  Everyone is busy and doesn’t have the time to dig out information. And the information can be very complicated.

What’s the website for? To present issues in a clear and reliable way, putting both sides of the argument so that people can make up their own minds. We provide links to other sites and media, including those coming from Angus and other firms in the industry.

What’s the issue? There were a number of worrying events during recent works the main offence being unauthorised drilling of a sidetrack well. The bigger issue is the plans to use acidisingunconventional extraction method which risks polluting ground and surface waters, and to massively scale up production from this site, therefore increasing traffic, pollution and bringing stress onto the local community.

Brockham is in a uniquely vulnerable position because the site is already permitted for production until 2036.

The Operator has stated in its assessment of the well analysis (March 2017), that it “has confidence that the Brockham X4Z sidetrack well will be similar to Horse Hill and perhaps, given that the reservoir is potentially much thicker in zones, the results could be even better than those seen at the Horse Hill.” The Horse Hill well, knick-named the Gatwick Gusher, reportedly flowed very large amounts of oil in the Spring of 2016 – estimated at c. 1,500 barrels of oil per day (Brockham was recently producing c. 35 bopd).

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