About BOW

***This group is dormant and the website is not being updated. See our blog for historic updates***

Brockham Oil Watch was set up in early 2017 as a non-political group of local residents concerned about the threat of unconventional hydrocarbon extraction from the Kimmeridge Clay Formation (or other unconventional reservoirs) at Brockham and beyond, as well as gaps and inconsistencies in the national legislative and regulatory framework for fracking.

Following a failed appraisal of the controversial BRX4Z sidetrack and our campaign to highlight the risks of acidisation – a fracking-like technique of unconventional hydrocarbon extraction – Angus Energy abandoned their Kimmeridge extraction plans at Brockham in July 2019. Since then, the focus of our local campaign shifted to oppose plans to restart the equally risky practice of waste fluids reinjection. As reinjection is necessary to provide pressure support to enable continued oil extraction from the mature Portland Sandstone reservoir, this means stopping all oil extraction plans at Brockham.

The work we do is voluntary and none of us gets paid.

Here are some highlights of our work to date:

As part of the national Fracking by Stealth Campaign:

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